Tuition Fee Refund Policy

Tuition Fee Refund Policy

Refund policy: Refund request after the course has started will not be approved. In most cases, refund requests will only be considered in exceptional personal or family circumstances.  Withdrawal for holiday, loss of interest, new time commitments and similar domestic changes are unlikely to qualify for refunds.

If a student is officially withdrawn from a programme after paying the fee and before classes begin, that student will be charged a £50.00 administrative fee.  A refund of paid tuition fee will be processed upon notification of withdrawal.  If official withdrawal occurs after classes begin, the amount of refund will depend on the following:

  • First week 70%
  • Second and Third week 50%
  • After Third week 0%

Please note that “The date of official withdrawal” is the date the admission team receives written notification from the student and signs it.

Course cancellations

Where we do not have the required number of learners to run a course, we may need to cancel the course before the first class or give learners the opportunity to transfer to another course.