Student Responsibilities

Your responsibilities as a student

Tuition Fees: It is your responsibility to ensure that tuition fees are paid on time.  If you are experiencing difficulties in paying your fees, you should contact the Finance Department immediately.

To Attend: It is your responsibility and in your best interest to attend classes regularly and to participate fully in the cause of the programme through attendance at lectures, tutorials, group work and workshop.

If you are having problems attending, please contact your Course Tutor.

To Complete Assignment and sit Examinations: It is your responsibility to hand-in assignment /course work by the due date and sit any Exam schedule. Examination timetables will be made available on the notice board approximately 4 weeks before the examinations are held. We advice that you talk to your tutor If any of the dates happen to be on the day of your religion festival which you observe.

If any of your assessment/ assignment is unsuccessful, it is your responsibility to check with your tutor the requirement for re-assessment.

To View Notice boards and Websites: The notice board and website is constantly updated with information relating to your study. It is your responsibility to check these on a regular basis.

To advise of any Change of Name, Address, passport details and contact details: If you change your contact number, home or term time address you must inform the admin depart immediately with the new details.

For those who have change their name must bring the relevant documentation as proof of the change to the Admin Department.

To Advise of Intended Withdrawal: If you wish to withdraw from your course, you must advise the programme Leader in writing, giving the reason for the withdrawal and the last date of attendance. You are responsible for the fees until written confirmation reaches the office.

Please note that the College is required to notify Border Immigration Agency and other awarding bodies of a student’s withdrawal from a course.

To Observe the Regulations of no Smoking on the Campus: Smoking is forbidden in all College buildings. You can only smoke in the designated area outside the building.