1. All students are expected to observe/abide by the following rules whenever they are in the computer room. Failure to do so may result in your network access being revoked or disciplinary action taken against you.
  2. The use of mobile phones is not allowed and must be switched off.
  3. Food and drink (including wrappers and bottles) are not allowed in the classrooms and computer rooms.
  4. The resources in the computer rooms can only be use for those activities related to students' studies. Use of these facilities for any other purpose is prohibited.
  5. As part of our monitoring process, it is the College policy to record the addresses of all Internet sites visited by students. Anyone found accessing sites containing material likely to cause offence to others or downloading inappropriate pictures will have their user accounts revoked.
  6. You are only allowed to log on to one computer at a time.
  7. You may only delete from a computer, your personal file or folders which have been set up for your own use such as email messages or that which you have created yourself. Deleting any other files or folders from any computer is an offence.
  8. You are not allowed to run your own applications/courses. The use of software other than that provided by the College is strictly forbidden
  9. The copying of software or tampering with software or hardware is forbidden.
  10. You are not allowed to log on to any account with someone else's details.
  11. You must not give out your log in details.
  12. You must carry your ID with you always and must produce a valid student ID card when requested to do so by a member of staff.