Use of our facilities

CSAM Praise House has a range of unique facilities and venues readily available for hire. There are huge opportunities and amenities possible to accommodate for:        

  1. Conference meeting 
  2. Training Room
  3. Meeting room, 
  4. Video/filming location, 
  5. Space for new product testing etc.    

Our training rooms are fully equipped with modern state of art equipment to serve your need and purpose. Ranging from whiteboards, stationeries, flat screen TV and High-speed broadband connectivity.

CroydonSAM is a close proximity to Croydon and 5-minutes walk from West Croydon station is an advantage to our strategic location. Accessibility of public bus transport to the location is also a benefit. Our prices are very competitive, reasonable and affordable. 

To make more enquiries about this venue, kindly contact us on this phone number: 020 684 4241


Hire of Graduation Gowns

Your graduation is a cause for celebration. Hire a gown to look perfect. Our highly experienced photographers can capture the memories of the day/occasion and frame your pictures in a range of perfect finish. For many institutions, you can also purchase keepsake memorabilia of your university years.

Graduation Gowns

  1. Fixed location hire and photo services – you come into our boot, you will not be allowed to leave with the gown and there is a time limit 
  2. Hire for a day – gown to be returned at an agreed time and place…
  3. Week – gown to be returned at an agreed time and place…
  4. Photography services – professional photo services
  5. Video services – professional video services

Please, note the terms and conditions that apply. 



We provide consultancy services to help you turn your business ideas into real business opportunities.

We can help you with business development, improving or introducing business processes and services, developing technologies, establishing new capabilities, and increase efficiency.

We also undertake research/Survey for small businesses at competitive rates, where speed and confidentially are key requirements


Education for Professionals

We partner with organisations to provide education to their employees.

Our programmes support the delivery of your strategic objectives by helping you to manage your talent pipeline, allowing you to nurture talented individuals and by bringing specialist knowledge to your organisation.

Our professional education solutions

We offer courses with flexible delivery modes to suit employers and employees including Continue Professional Development ( CPD).

Our programmes are delivered by qualified tutors and our courses are accredited enabling us to provide highly efficient and quality education.

Our courses in the areas listed below meet specific training needs and help you to manage your support functions such as:

  1. Accounting 
  2. Business and Management
  3. Child care    
  4. Health and Social Care
  5. Information Technology
  6. Functional Skills
  7. Short Courses/ CPD
  8. Recruitment 


Croydonsam works with numbers of employers, across different sectors of the industry providing work placements/apprenticeships for students as part of their course programmes. We work closely with employers and learners to ensure that the programme is delivered within the set time frame with high standard. This is what makes us unique and distinct from other training providers. We help them to recruit apprentices that meet their requirements.

Croydonsam also offers tailored professional development courses to meet employer staff requirements. The partnerships are designed to introduce and embed change within your organisation.